How to get cheap car insurance UK 2022

How to get cheap car insurance UK 2022

In this Article, I’m going to run through

10 ways you can save on your car insurance. I’ve been driving for nearly 15 years and

have seen my premiums fluctuate wildly depending on where I live, where I can park, how many

points I have (not that I have any of those) and my age. A lot of those factors, and more, are beyond

my control, but these 10 hacks could help to keep the cost of your car insurance down. Rare, expensive cars are just going to cost

you more to insure. I appreciate that cheap, safe and common,

are not the words you want to associate with your sweet set of wheels. But investing in a car that’s cheaper, comes

with extra safety features and is easy to find parts for, could save you money from

the get-go.

UK drivers must have third party cover as

a minimum, but there’s always the temptation to add all the extras just in case. Your policy should be a nice balance between

your personal driving circumstances and your budget, so get rid of any optional extras

that don’t fit into that vibe. Do you really need driving abroad cover, if

you always refuse to swap your aperol spritz for driving duties on holiday? Only add drivers to your policy that genuinely

use your car often. Adding an older, more experienced driver could

potentially bring your premium down, while adding a mate who has 9 points and 14 insurance

claims against them is going to have the opposite effect. Feel free to be selfish people, it’s your

car and your insurance policy to pay for. That being said, if your own driving track

record isn’t great, it could come back to

Haunt you when your renewal date comes back

around. If you do think you’re literally the best

driver out there, and can back it up, it could be worth looking into black box car insurance. Which is where a box is fitted into your car

that tracks your driving and tells your insurer how safe you’re being; and this could potentially

get you money off your premium. Recently I went from parking on a driveway

to on-street parking, and my insurance certainly went up to reflect it. Parking on a driveway, or better yet a locked

garage, tend to bring your costs down as they’re considered much safer than parking on the

street. If you have the option to upgrade, it’s

definitely worth looking into. I actually did this on my last policy. Basically, I offered to pay a higher excess,

which is the baseline amount you’ll have

To pay out if you make an insurance claim,

in order to lower my annual fee. You are taking a gamble on the fact that you’ll

have no issues over the year, so make sure you can actually afford the higher excess

amount in case something did go wrong. If you pay your insurance policy in monthly

instalments your culmulative annual fee tends to be higher than if you pay it in one go. Some providers will really over-inflate your

monthly fees, so if you have to pay monthly, at least try and scout out some good deals

before taking the hit. That brings me nicely onto tip number 8 which

is to shop around for the best deals. As I mentioned before, your policy should

nicely balance your needs with your budget. Do you really need the most expensive policy

for your 15 year old Fiat Punto? There are loads of car insurance providers

out there and you can start having a little compare of the right one for you by clicking

this link here.

It’s not always possible to reduce your

mileage, but if you can split your travel between your car and public transport or if

your commute dramatically reduces for whatever reason, you could get a low mileage discount

on your policy. If your car doesn’t already come with security

features, consider installing an alarm or a dashcam to potentially bring the cost of

your premium down. Not all insurers recognise all safety features,

so check with your provider that they accept yours before decking out your car with 007-level

gadgets. Check out our full guide and start comparing

cover options by heading to via this link here. If you enjoyed this video, like, subscribe

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