5 Fast Motorcycles Which Are Cheap on Insurance

We live in a time where we could get amazing looking motorcycles for a really cheap price take a look at this 2007 GSXR 600 looks good right you can get one right now for around $4,000 cheap right and best of all they are very reliable right but um there’s one problem yep insurance companies expect me to pay 8000 Canadian dollars a year for $4,000 motorcycle now the problem that we have

Of these fast cool-looking motorcycles is the fact that a lot of younger people tend to crash them and that kind of scares a lot of insurance companies in most cases they don’t want to deal with anyone younger than 25 and if they do they will give the most ridiculous rate to scare you off but you know have no fear because in 2019 a lot of cool-looking motorcycles that are good and insurance are here at number one we got Honda CBR 650f now for 2019 Honda

Did an amazing job designing this bike I was pretty disappointed with Honda’s in the last couple years but it seems that they’re getting back on track producing a lot of cool motorcycles the cool thing about this bike is that it runs an inline 4 which has that crotch rocket II sound if you know what I mean it has about 95 horsepower the most amazing looking headlights out of any bike and things like ABS traction control and that dink slipper clutch although still

Really heavy at 456 pounds for my liking the looks and the decent power output really makes this bike one-of-a-kind in 2019 in most cases if you go for a naked alternative like CB 650r you’ll get even lower rate in my experience plus if you prefer retro looking motorcycles maybe CB 650r is a good choice for you now if you’re not looking for a sport bike take a look at an SV 650 compared to the CBR 650f it is way cheaper coming in at only 7000

And $99 and with that price drop you’re losing around 20 horsepower cool electronics and the flat earth looks but all the losses side in the end you get that Suzuki b2 an engine in my experience it is one of the smoothest revving engines in its class this means that this specific motorcycle will be well suited for beginner riders a good way to understand all this is to look at a bikes power curve in the case of the SV 650 it goes something like this

While something like an M to7 which kind of goes something like this now the spike does also offer clutch throttle assist which essentially adds a bit more throttle when the clutch is released in my opinion that’s just some gimmick to make the bike sound a little bit more special than they really are and if you think that 70 horsepower is not enough to have fun we actually conducted a top speed test at a turbo Twinkie close race track over in Mexico

We got surprising results with the bike achieving 216 kilometers an hour as its top speed and low 3 seconds in the 0 to 60 acceleration but number 3 we have something that is not for everyone but if you got the cash and don’t mind spending ten thousand five hundred dollars KTM Duke 7 9 you will give you the both power the best electronics and a premium finish everyone desires since this is a European motorcycle expect to have much higher maintenance costs

Especially if you do not do any of the work yourself and the quick note if you’re taller than 511 or 180 centimeters this bike may or may not look like a toy under your legs well at least that’s how I felt but all of my dislikes aside on paper and in real world this bike is chill didn’t accept in the right direction producing a little over 100 horsepower with that amazing sounding twin cylinder engine and one

Pedal that up and down coach after it is guaranteed that you have the most fun out of the box on comparing it to the previous bikes I’ve mentioned so we still haven’t talked about Kawasaki if you opt for the Ninja 650 you’ll be a very happy person why you may ask well all 3 bikes including the Ninja 400 minja 650 and the ZX 6r look almost identical with the naked eye when it comes to regular people in most cases most of the public will think you’re

Riding a super sport when you’re really not for bikes starting at seven thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars you’re just getting a good solid bike and some fairings in my opinion there’s just nothing really outstanding or special about it it has the lowest power output out of all the bikes in this list and the most bland sounding engine but for that price you will likely get the lowest insurance rate out of any 650 cc class motorcycle especially if you opt

For a naked version being this at 650 honestly if you love the looks and don’t care about the power out but take a look at a ninja 650 it may well be your dream bike lastly we have a motorcycle that has only 73 horsepower but yet can power really in third gear a bike the used for under five grand and the bike that sounds just as good if not better than the Duke 790 and that bike is the MTO seven of course Yamaha for that price had to cut some corners you won’t

Get any fancy paint or traction control or a slipper clutch for that matter no fancy brakes either it’s a bare-bones bike if you like the idea of writing a raw hooligan bike that has a lot of aftermarket parts available this might be the right choice for you thank you so much for watching this video many other videos are coming out soon and we’ll see you in the next one

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