About Insurance Jobs : Insurance Basics

About Insurance Jobs : Insurance Basics

Hi this is Dan Whedon I’m a nationally-recognized insurance expert and today we’re going to talk about insurance jobs there are a myriad of insurance jobs available for people looking in that industry there’s three types that I want to highlight today number one is working for a an insurance company insurance companies are the folks who actually write the policies they are in need of executives they’re

In need of underwriters specifically an underwriters or people who give the yes sir than know to business that’s brought in by agents we’ll talk about in just a minute they also need claims adjusters people who go out with the promise from the insurance company to pay for anything bad that happens to you claims adjusters are a very important part of the insurance industry you’re also going to find people who are in sales and marketing at the company level they’re

Going out and dealing with the agents and brokers that they serve in an effort to bring in new business so if you have that type of mentality you like sales you like marketing lots of opportunities there and then finally if you like numbers actuaries are an important part of the insurance industry they’re the ones who set set the pricing if you want to take a look at the agency side agents and brokers sound like they might be the same thing they’re a little bit

Different but for the most part they do the same function and they’re the folks who go out and meet with individuals or businesses and place insurance for them they’ll go work with the companies one-on-one and be the intermediary between the insurance buyer and the insurance company these are usually sales positions however within an agency there are a lot of different functions specifically technology more and more insurance agents need technology experts

Because that’s such an important part of the insurance process they need people who are really good at customer service to work with the clients once they once they’ve been brought into the agency and they really need people who are good at marketing going out to different companies and helping the brokers place the insurance finally there’s people like me who are consultants and we work with both insurance buyers and insurance agents

Trying to help them through the process of risk management disaster recovery or even just helping them through the process of buying insurance believe me there are tons of insurance opportunities out there for anybody of any type of bet you don’t have to just be a salesperson if you are great in technology if you’re great with numbers if you’re great with customer service bottom line if you have a great skill you can find it in the insurance

Industry either on the company side the agency side or as a consultant this is Dan Whedon today we’ve been talking about different types of jobs in the insurance industry thanks for joining us

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