Motorcycle Insurance! Basics Money Saving Tip!

Motorcycle Insurance! Basics Money Saving Tip!

everybody hang on a minute I know who that was hello dude hello so bike insurance I know they were already talked about it too much but I do have a tip and it’s my number one tip for trying to save money on your insurance but first things first well I guess we can aim this for the other people who are new riders because if you’re not you’ve got to know about

Insurance but the end tip might still help you so when you get together go and get your bike in short to start with you’re probably going to be scared by the amount that they’re gonna ask for and yeah I’m afraid that is the case if my insurance is normally expensive very much so as you start out but it does come down over time now people very often say like on how much do you pay for insurance on that bike because I want to know how much I’d

Patty done were like that insurance is yes it is done on the value of the bike and that is the value of the boy at the time that you insure it but when you come to having a claim for instance say it’s completely destroyed they won’t give you that amount they’ll give you what the market value is dependent for basically that bike its condition and miles very often they use the glasses guide and stuff like that and that thing can under quote massively

Lie for instance the prices in the glasses guide for the drz are not in line with the actual market value anymore because things been increasing but that’s an exception to the rule but normally is a bit low if you do have an accident and they they offer you a silly small amount of money of your bike best thing to do go around on the online sales find bikes of the same age miles and worth of stuff

Is your bike lit up for the most expensive ones you can find and then send those to them and we like that this is this is the current market value of despite not what you’re saying you probably won’t get the same amount they may request to see actual sale items rather than up for sale but you can actually increase how much money you get for your bike if you if you just fight a little bit there are basically three levels of

Insurance third party only third party fire and theft of fully comprehensive well that basically means third party is if you have an accident your insurance will pay to fix their car not your bike but if someone hits you and it’s their fault will then their insurer to pay for you basically the very minimum you have is if you hit someone the other person’s vehicle is gonna get paid for but yours won’t third party fire and theft is third party so it’s the first one but

Also cover you for it being nicked and it also covers for it being burned and fully comprehensive is it will cover you whatever happens if you just crash into the ground you go into a fence or something you know who would crash into a fence yeah then you can claim but you don’t necessarily want to do that because you have an excess which is the amount you have to pay to basically access your insurance did you use it so so you may

Apply them they might so you need to pay forth for accountants tools for the claim to start moving forward if it’s a non fault thing then the other side pays that and you don’t pay a thing your bike just gets fixed and it’s completely paid for for the other side but that’s where the the arguments of full blame come in when it comes to making insurance funds security and storage is important thing if you put more locks on your bike and stuff like that then yes you can get a

Reduction in the costs of your insurance owners if you keep in the garage rather than on the road however do note that if you claim oh I have a big chain and I have a steering lock and I have an alarm it’s for instance when you’re part town about if your bike gets stolen and you’re not using that alarm that steering lock and that chain they will say well you’re not covered not always but generally that is the case like for instance on this by the only real

Security on this is the steering lock and basically my insurance stipulates that if I was to leave my bike somewhere without the steering or Otten even though it is simple to break they would not pay out because I hadn’t done what I was supposed to do so obviously the more secure you can guarantee your bikes gonna be by so for instance saying I will it’s locked up in a garage they’ll even ask you the construction of that building like I see

A wooden thing or add a big stone thing that makes a difference to basically store your bike as securely as you can and you have to keep to that otherwise your insurance can screw you over so as I say all these different things that affect the price are things that will be unique to you different circumstances different locations maybe you’d live in a little village it just happened to have a lot of Crimea might pay a lot more than someone who lives maybe five

Miles down the right yes do shop around to keep in mind that these you know these like comparison websites exist you can use these but very often life following that the prices they give are not reliable to what you end up paying because there’s all sorts of extras and stuff that gets added on legal fees blah blah when you get your insurance you will also do have legal fees and extras and stuff they very often they’ll offer you a load of extras some of them do it

For free is like oh isn’t included in the price type thing like helmet cover like European travel cover breakdown cover I get broken cover it’s very basic is only within 25 miles my home but I have used it twice now so I’m very grateful that I’ve had that and they’re just not optional sorry there are just bonus extras you can add on more stuff if you want though that’s again this is my basis thing obviously also license level length of holding our license etc

Is going to make a difference of Quivira coxide know if you’re on the Chinese bike you might following that some companies that used to be this long time ago like this they don’t give you very good prices there are companies like Ram daily specialize their stuff about who will give you better prices on those bikes okay but you’re all asking what is this number one tip for getting a cheaper deal on my insurance and it’s so simple ask

Seriously when they send you a quote it will be X amount of money or when you get renewal you just ring them up and say hi I’d like to discuss my real make sure you do this a good few days before it’s due so you have the opportunity to shop around and you just save them no I’d like it to be less than I mean use the operator sorry I should get back in no claims bonus is the thing where you if you don’t claim for a year you get a bonus and it helps reduce your

Insurance up to about seven years beyond that makes the difference going back to where I was so for instance with me I’ve got like nine years no claims bonus or something so even though after seven years it doesn’t help reduce the price it is a bargaining chip it’s like I’ll come on and I’ve got low claims in nine years my bikes are kept inside overnight I do everything I can do I want to see that price coming down and they’ll probably

Say well there isn’t a lot we can do and you say well I really would like to see that before I then decides you know shop around or something instead and very often they’re like oh well I’ll have a word with my manager you probably won’t do anything though well it’s always it’s always good if you’re a valued customer and obviously this isn’t first-time thing but if you’ve been with someone year after year after year you can argue rate you are a valued customer they

Normally come back and offer you a discount and sometimes it may only be like a very small percentage we’re depending on how much you spend they could mean a lot now for me on my last insurance I think I got was that I did mention this not my friend mr. memory but his about I think I’ve got an extra fifty quid off they said they couldn’t do any more nurse they’ve got a whole of it more than that are they not like an extra fifty could I lose like a it’s

Fair enough but I do that every single time I renew my insurance I would say no it was more than that last year I want to see a reduction I have had a reduction on the hospital insurance every year since I started like it has been a downwards track now I do have two bikes now so you know agent before expensive but your bike insurance isn’t massively more than just one bike necessarily so it’s not necessary that big of a deal but anyway I’m getting

Sidetracked here seriously asked I know a lot of you don’t do it because a lot of people are have a funny about standing their ground or or speaking on the phone is a basis and I know a lot of people hate speaking on the phone umbrella so I don’t understand it myself but whatever do it it will save you a lot and so I’ve had like 50 quid knocked off in the past I’ve had more than 200 knocks off before now RINO’s just done her insurance and they basically gave

Her a quote over with a very small reduction on last year and I said no no no you’ve got to ask him for some more money off and sure enough she asked them and just by asking she saved like a couple of hundred quid just by asking now this is something that annoys me about insurance companies if you can literally just say hey can I have a cheaper are they not two hundred pounds off you have to feel like wow they really were going to just take me then

Weren’t they they’re not trying to get me the best deal at all they’re the kind of I’m just hoping I won’t say anything and I think insurance companies make a lot of money that way because people want ticket English people don’t like confrontation they don’t like art it’s not confrontation right you’re a customer their business the person on the end of the phone probably gets this a lot they know what else a deal having negotiate deals they’re paid what the

Company to try and get as much money but they say they’re trying to get the best deal for the customer but I don’t I honestly don’t believe them sorry I just don’t not when you can just go more offers and nearly or every time I’ve done it I’ve managed to get at least 50 pounds off you know fifty quid if you find fifty quid on the floor he found twenty quid I was feeling fed a fiver on the floor you are yeah bonus fifty quid it’s useful money Oh see ya I know

There’s a really basic Tiffani my real all I do anyway spicy okay cool you do lots don’t you writers don’t think about doing either ask they’ll say Ellen you ride it you are gonna be pain quite a bit there’s nothing you’re going to change that it’s just you’re new okay if you’re on a CBT you knew you’re an expensive bike when I hate to think how much like a like one of the wise a tough one to five costs to ensure God it must be at least 1500 quid

Something stupid Allah but yeah just try it the worst they can do is say no we can’t do any better than that but I always say I guarantee you you’ll get something off baby no in all cases but generally you can you can get a bit more anyway if you found this video useful and you are a new rider and you’re looking into all these sorts of things I’m a playlist called videos or tips for new riders I can ever remember a round

Is a playlist I’ve been working on now for two years it’s got about 30 odd videos in it that will help you get into biking now to ride the bike the license understandings control everything you need to know it is a one-stop shop to get you from never on your bike to even up to a full licence with all the information that you need to know if you do have any questions like that stuff that hasn’t been covered up like this stick them in the comments or we’re very

Much we’re interested to plug the gaps what I’ve missed in the past but yeah with the insurance that’s the way it kind of works it’s very variable you’re just gonna have to shop around again quote but remember particularly on renewals ask for a discount I want to pay less holidays I want to pay less the thing is it works

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