How to get cheaper car insurance in the UK - New and Younger Driver Tips

How to get cheaper car insurance in the UK - New and Younger Driver Tips

Hey guys how’s it going welcome back to another video today we’re going to be talking about insurance now insurance around the world is normally a bit of a problem it’s normally pretty expensive in the UK it’s renowned for being crazy now I’ve known people who paid thousands of pounds for their first year driving because it can pull the skin of a rice pudding seriously like 1 litre cars 1.2 litre Diesel’s all sorts of lame stuff

Old cars new cars all sorts so today I’m gonna give you a few tips on how to get your insurance down as much as possible as a new driver as a younger driver between 18 and 24 around about that age this could apply to anyone as well as so if you are slightly older and you have just started driving then these tips could help you out too so insurance in the UK is just one of those necessities that you’re gonna need to get sorted it’s illegal not to have it and just one

Of those things that protects your back if someone else crashes into you it’s one of those things you need and you just need to get sorted it’s gonna be expensive there’s no escaping it’s gonna be pricey it’s gonna be a few hundred quid towards the top end of a thousand over a thousand on my first year I paid fourteen hundred could which I consider pretty good to be fair that is a lot of money but from the horror stories I’ve heard from people in you know like

1-liter courses paying two three four thousand pounds for their first year I think that was pretty good so with these tips hopefully you’ll save a few hundred quid and if you do let me know in the comments I’d love to hear your story one of the things that recommend to you would be comparison websites when it comes to insurance but don’t just use one user multiple versions of comparison websites say there are some examples like money

Supermarket compare the market confused all those websites in the UK combine them up and see the best prices like I personally not sponsored by the way had the best prices of money supermarket but I know people who had the best of confused or common things like that search around go direct you gonna have to put some legwork in for this especially if you on the best deal it’s gonna take a while and you’re gonna have to get used to the system

Because if you go in blind then that’s where the insurance companies can really screw you so take a while do your research and use as many websites as you can to get the best price one word of warning when using comparison websites is that if you keep coming back to check prices the price can go up because it knows how many terms you’ve checked and this could be between you know 50 100 pounds and up okay let program like ccleaner which i put in the description

And wipe your cookies cache a history everything from your browser every time you come back to a search you can create a new account on the website because like airline prices they do go up every time you check so keep coming back refresh with the browser and do fresh searches like that because they do through you like that I was screwed out of about 50 quid but because I didn’t refresh it so keep that in mind too an interesting tip is that going for more

Unusual cards may occasionally be cheaper than your standard first car the normal first car is something like a 1.2 liter a 1 liter Corsa fiestas IB tha’s so go for unusual engine sizes nothing that’s a performance end so you can’t get for a Leon Cupra or a Fiesta ST a Focus ST RS anything like that stick to the unusual but not performance engine sizes so say 1.6 diesels even the 2-liter categories could occasionally be cheaper those cars I’d Emily bought my

First car owners and can be crashed a lot so tranqer for a car that do you think would be crashed less and has a better history my car for example is a 1.4 sport model which is actually cheaper than the 1.2 liter for me to insure so try and find an unusual engine size something that not many first-time buyers will buy and that can occasionally bring the price down it’s something grannies drive go for it because that will be cheaper I give you

A good example I focus rather than a fiesta aller on rather than Ibiza could occasionally be cheaper if a lower engine size because that’s not normally what first-time buyers go for so a lot of people ask about black boxes when it comes to insurance and personally my experience has been good however I’ve gone with Tesco bank box for the past two in a bit years that I’ve been insured and they run under the company ensure the box I think now not

Sponsored but they’ve been really really good the price has been pretty good however I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about black boxes it does definitely depend on the company you go with and some really aren’t lenient when it comes to speed harshness of driving so braking hard cornering hard driving at weird times and they will penalize you massively for that Tesco have been awesome and they’ve they like to drive at weird times they limit your mileage

But you pay for more mileage if you run over that say you go either six eight or ten thousand mile plan I go on six because I really don’t drive that much and they’ve been fantastic if you drive at weird hours they don’t give you more bonus miles which is how they reward you for good driving but they won’t cancel your insurance if you do say drivers strange times you know some black box companies and you can have to do your research on this do really badly

Penalize you for doing silly stuff necessarily silly stuff but unusual stuff say if you drive at weird times a day like really early in the morning really late at night that sort of stuff they will send you warnings and fines and I’ve heard of people having their insurance cancelled per say doing things like speeding even if it’s you know five mile an hour over a ten mile an hour over stuff that in the real world people do do sometimes you know and they’ve had

Their insurance canceled if you have your insurance canceled your future insurance that you tried to get will go up a shit-ton so be careful when you get a black box again insure the box for me has been very very good I’ve had no problems they’ve just been mild limited and they’ve been really spot-on for me so that’s something I’ve had a great experience with look around ask your friends ask your family and look around

For reviews on the Internet as well they’ll be very very telling be careful you could either save yourself a lot of money or cost yourself a lot of money with black boxes it does depend as well how you know nice of a driver you are help how gentle of a driver you are if you’re someone who never speeds you are very smooth and you’re just you know very relaxed with your driving style then yeah sure go for the go for the any black box you fancy

It will save you a lot of money if you are very relaxed driving if you drive the strange times you do a lot of miles and you do a lot of sort of higher speed driving don’t don’t even touch black boxes because they will screw you over a tip will work with some insurance companies too is adding responsible drivers on top of your insurance so say if you have yourself down as the main driver and I’m gonna I’m gonna wear push that point have yourself as the main

Driver and I’d say your mum and your dad on top of that or a much older sibling who’s been driving for a long time that can on certain insurance companies bring the price down for example with my insurance I put my mom and my dad on top of it and this was as extra drivers not as the main drivers because that’s something could fronting if you say had your mum as a main driver and I was on top that’s fronting that’s illegal and that will get you done example I added

My mom and my dad on top of my insurance so I’m the main driver and my mom and dad can drive my car on top of the insurance that brought my price down by about three four hundred quid so I’ve heard that saving people thousands – like some someone was quite at four grand they added their mum on it brought it down to 1,900 quid so experiment with that on comparison websites remember to clear your browser’s cookies in cash and all that and give it a run and see if it

Does bring the price down sometimes it won’t affect it on some insurance companies sometimes it works oh they are all slightly different so an interesting point to make is that your job description will affect the price of your insurance by fair amount in some cases for example someone who’s a librarian will pay a hell of a lot less than someone who’s under the category dancer or photographer because of the risk that

The insurance companies set for them now it’s biased as hell and it depends on the company but you will pay more for some companies not there is a website I will put here and in the description which gives you a rough idea of how much each job title puts up and down the price and you can go fill around and have fun with that I think students have a fairly high risk to them because they’re around a lot of learner drivers and younger drivers whether as you know

Someone like a librarian a museum curator something like that will have a much lower risk because of the the general statistics of them crashing being much lower so see if you can find a different job description for yourself don’t die because they’ll find out but try it and find a separate description for your job titles say you might have different ways of describing a job which could bring down the price so experiment depending on how much cash you have to

Play around with you can play around with the excess that you would have to pay whenever you have a claim so you can set the voluntary excess on your insurance when you go into comparison websites and when you try and find a quote and if you start going up towards a thousand pounds and up your premium will drop a hell of a lot keep in mind though that if you do make a claim you will have to pay this a thousand pounds or more so if you have a lot of cash to

Pay around with then set a higher excess but if you sell her excess and you know you don’t have that much money to play around with if you make a claim then you’re gonna be screwed so be careful and only set however much you can pay for me personally my excesses around about three hundred quid that means that your premium slightly higher but then you don’t have to pay quite as much if you want to claim keep in mind do that if you do make claims even if it’s not

Your fault that will bump the insurance price too I had a rerun accident a while back that wasn’t my fault and that bumped my insurance cost by about fifty two hundred quid everytime I renew it for the next three or four years so be careful out there and stay safe all right guys thank you so much for watching the video today if you have any more tips for everyone drop them in the comments and let me know what sort

Of tips you would like to see from me in the future and if you’ve been enjoying the videos drive safe and I will see you in the next video have a great one you

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