Motorbike Insurance UK - Save with Multi Bike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance UK - Save with Multi Bike Insurance

We’re state wheels in peterborough a local dealership talk about all things multi bike insurance how you save yourself time and money what the common pitfalls are the frustrations and the things you need to look out for so as track day riders when we started be motor we focused a lot of our efforts on track bike fire and fair race van insurance and even track day damage insurance at UK and European circuits

Since then we’ve evolved our proposition to be Road insurance as well and we specialize in multi bike modified bikes and even quads and trikes whether you’ve got a custom bike that’s built from scratch or a heavily modified bike or a collection of modern and classic bikes together we can insure them so motorbike insurance is where you can have multiple bikes all in one policy so that you can use your no claim to discount across your collection but also you’ve got one

Single renewal date make life easy you can basically forget about it and go and ride your bike some of the common frustrations that bikers have them they’re trying to ensure multiple bikes things like having to pay fees to make changes to your policy midterm renewal prices that seem to go up every year and sometimes how hard it can be to add multiple bikes to a policy they’ve got a policy to get around a bike and it turns out actually it’s getting very expensive

All that broker can’t do it and the fun stuff changing halfway through the year of course then you lose you know claims discount that you’re halfway through you’re earning as well I’m personally avato with my own small collection of bikes which mixes modern and classics together so we’ve designed a policy where you can mix modern classics we don’t charge your fee to make changes which all enthuse yes to do whether that’s modifying it or changing the bike

And likewise when it gets a renewal we personally look at those by hand we don’t use a computer just to spit out a price that’s 20 percent higher than last year we actually make sure that you get a personal price that’s the best it can be last but not least is modifications so you might find that all the bikes are great until you tell them about the modifications that be moto with multi bike insurance specialists as well as

Modified than fire insurance specialists will actually make sure that not only do we get them on there at a sensible price and get them covered we’ll make sure that if you have an accident we reinstate them as well so we don’t just return it back to factory spec so the that claims discount trap is simply where you’ve got a buck on a policy already with one of our competitors you go to add a bike and it turns out that actually they can’t add it or it’s way

Too expensive yeah if you leave and cancel midterm you’re also going to pay a cancellation fees or lose you know claims discount or both with us will let you move one bike over when you vault it and then when your other bike comes up for renewal we’ll let you bring that over and add it to your policy how much you’ll pay for a multi buyer policy really does depend on the bike collection you’ve got how many and the value of them and what type of

Bikes they are however typically once we’ve worked out the price for the main bike adding an additional bike on average works out around 60 to 70 pounds and it can be much cheaper if they’re a classic bike or a low value winter hack or something we’ve got very high FIFA scores for customer service and our titanium colors one of the richest in the market all our bike policies come with legal expenses insurance the titanium also includes helmet and

Leathers cover 1,500 pounds 20,000 pounds of personal accident cover and full UK and European RAC breakdown it doesn’t take too long to get yourself a quote on a multi bike I think you know it really doesn’t depend on the size of your collection to make it easy we’ve got a switching service simply email us your current documents of all your bike details on or we’ll send you a form that you can fill in once we’ve got that we’ll add it on the system and we’ll Give you a call saving you time and money

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