How to Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes

How to Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes

I’ll show you how I compared my home and auto insurance quotes to save you time and money now the most annoying thing is definitely the time there are so many vendors out there and it takes so long to input every single piece of information to get a quote from everybody and everybody has their own discounts their own user interface so in

This video I’ll show you how to minimize the time it takes to compare quotes now comparing quotes is pretty common for me and historically I changed my insurance company every one to two years because over time the insurance premium just seems to go up so for next year my home insurance went up from $700 to $1400 so that’s a 100 percent jump that’s that’s huge so it’s basically the right time for me to compare insurance quotes so I’ll show you how in this

Video so you can save the most time so I have three sections in this video the first one is how I compare quotes the second one is my comparative prices and the third one is my historical insurance experience and I have plenty of answers in the past such as triple-a Liberty Mutual Safeco Geico allied progressive and I might be missing a few but every insurance company is different some company have better benefits than others and I’ll walk you through it at the end

Now in these three sections if you want to skip around I’ll have a table of contents in the bottom of this video so that you can skip to any sections whenever you like so let’s get started so before comparing rates let’s get all of our personal information all in one place so that once we’re ready to compare rates we could send them to different vendors and just copy/paste really quickly to get started we probably need four different piece of

Information for home and auto insurance quotes the first one is personal information this consists of three things you name driver license and date of birth and you’ll need them for every single user in the account the second thing is the card information so card information includes the make and model of the car the current odometer miles people’s work address and how many miles they plan to use the car every single year the third

One just for home insurance is basically your home address your roof type your mortgage company your loan number and when the house was built the fourth one is the estimated amount of coverage that you’re looking to get now I’m not an expert in each line item but basically you want to have enough coverage but not too much coverage usually some insurance company would want to increase the coverage dollars so that they could charge you more money but look at your

Coverage see what you actually need and basically have the amount of coverage that you that you want ready so that when you compare quotes you could tell everybody the same amount of coverage now this whole process will definitely take longer if you have more people and more cars and since I have an insurance before what I like to do is I like to print their current coverage or at least save it in a folder so that I could just copy and paste some of that information

To different vendors so for reference this is my current coverage right now so for my auto policy I have four different cars three of them is full coverage the Corolla is just liability only my Tesla is basically hogging half of the premium costs and especially that collision coverage ouch it’s very expensive but it is a great car my home insurance is required because I have a mortgage and usually the insurance company like to hype up the value of the home to charge

Their clients for money but don’t fall for it ask for a lower coverage if you don’t have anything fancy inside the home so total for me it’s 2,800 for the auto policy and additional 1,400 for the home policy and my home policy definitely jumped from 700 dollars last year to 1,400 dollars this year so that’s a total of $4,200 for my next year premium that they’re asking so now it’s time for me to

Compare quotes from different vendors so there’s basically three different companies that I want to ask insurance quotes from the first one is I would call an independent insurance company these are usually really large or midsize insurance companies such as Geico triple-a farmers they basically have their own agents they don’t have any third party selling their insurance the second category is the local agency local agency is where you can actually

Visit them in your local area so I’m in San Diego I could go to Yelp and basically search for insurance companies and there are local agencies where you can meet them in person contact them through email and basically get them to compare rates from the insurance company that their partner with the third category is basically like a local agency but they’re basically online so these online agencies can prepare rates for you and there’s a bunch of startups

That tries to make the process easier where you basically submit your information online with your current coverage and they will try to get you a better quote from their network of insurers so I tried all three of these types of companies and what I find out is that to save the most time and basically the lowest amount of effort is to find a person that you can email your current policy to so this person can be a part of an independent agency or they

Can be a local agent or an online agent but it will not give you the fastest insurance quotes the fastest way is to basically brute force all of your information and get your quotes online so usually a lot of these companies especially the online agencies and the independent agencies they have a portal online where you can just basically type in everybody’s name their car information their mileage online and you’ll get the quote right

Away but it does take a crapload amount of time just to input that information I think for me it takes around 15 minutes if I seriously focus and basically input everybody’s name everybody’s car information and home information and all that so for my personal rate comparison the first thing I did was to give my current answer a second chance so currently I’m with Geico and I have their auto policy and also use their third-party home insurance network now

The auto policy didn’t really jump as much but my home insurance basically doubled so I tried to go in their website again to see if I could find a better quote and I did so currently they’re asking for $1400 I found another quote for $1,200 which is $200 less and I wish that they would have come back to me with 1200 instead of $1400 but I guess they don’t want to screw up their partnership with their third party answer but it is annoying that they have

A better deal but they basically didn’t tell me unless I actively reach out to Geico and that’s also another sign of why I think we should all compare insurance rate quotes every one to two years or especially after our rates win up anyway it’s not the rate that I was looking for 1200 it’s still a big jump from my $700 that I paid last year so it’s time for me to do the work so that I could compare quotes from other vendors the first thing I did to compare

Rates outside is basically I go on Yelp and search for insurance companies now what I’m really looking for is that low effort type of deal where I can find an individual I really want to email somebody so that they can input my information for me and I could just send them my current policy so I went on Yelp and basically searched for insurance companies I found a few I found farmers insurance they’re highly rated I found some local insurance agencies where I

Just send them a Yelp message and tell them to email me so that I could ask them for insurance and send them my current policy so that I don’t have to type in any of that information and usually after I emailed them my current coverage they’ll come back with some additional questions to get me the most discount but it’s just a few questions and it’s a lot better than typing in all of the personal information and car information into a portal now meanwhile

I also tried some of the online methods or methods where I have to put in my own information to some of the large companies and usually that takes up to 15 minutes in my situation so after spending a bunch of time talking to different insurance agencies and companies here are my comparative prices so the first one is my current policy I’m using Geico as an auto policy and using their third party Network net Jen as home insurance and they’re asking for

2800 for the car and 1400 for the home the next thing I did was see if I could get a better rate from Geico and I did I can lower my homeowner policy to $1200 then I have a comparison from Farmers Insurance they have a local agent in San Diego and I emailed him he got back to me that rate is fairly expensive I contacted our company called American National American national is a referral from one of my coworker and they actually have their agents name online

So I just basically emailed him sending my current policy he got back to me and they actually have one of the lowest rates out there I also have comparison from Huawei Nisa I heard from my neighbor that one ISA only ensure good drivers and they basically have a pretty good quote so I tried them unfortunately their quote is not as good as GEICO’s for that they’re out of policy I also tried some of the big companies such as triple-a because

Well I just seen them everywhere and a company called Amica Amica keeps sending me paper mail so I thought I’m going to just give them a chance as far as agencies I did try a local agency to compare the rates from their network and also an online agency so the first local agency is called San Diego and service agencies and they gave me a quote that’s it’s not that bad but it’s not the best quote for our like they’re asking for twenty nine hundred and six

Seventy five for the homeowner policy so the homeowner is super competitive for them but the arrow is just not as good as guy ko I also tried an online agency called policy genius I just keep seeing them on Facebook experience was pretty good I only had to type in my personal information and I could submit my current policy and they got back to me after a few days and their quotes is just alright it’s kind of expensive but overall it seems like sticking with

Geico for auto and getting the American national home coverage gives me the best deal now American national actually gave me the best combination in terms of pricing but I think Geico is such a bigger company that I might be able to trust more my coworker only recommended national for the home insurance and he filed claims with them before and it went through fine so I’ll just use American national for my home policy and also keep my Geico as my outer policy so

In total my new premium is basically 2,800 for my arrow and $650 for my home policy and this insurance company usually you get a discount if you have multi policy but it seems like Geico doesn’t care if I have a home combined with my policy or not but in combination 650 plus 2,800 my total is less than 3,500 so that’s not bad and I’ll take it so now let me share money experience with different insurance companies and I have plenty of them in the past such as

Triple-a Liberty Mutual Safeco Geico allied progressive Kemper and so forth first thing I want to say is I think triple-a if you’re looking for tow triple-a basically have their own drivers and you can get a tow in 20 minutes well if you have Geico or camper I think your tow times is probably one hour for them to get to your location because they don’t have a dedicated driver next thing I want to point out is the

Collision coverage and how they value your car so my parents got hit with a hit and run in their car and here’s a picture of the car and at the time we have an insurance company called camper I think camper is maybe much bigger in the East Coast but we got camper to a local agency and they are a big company but for this amount of damage they’re coding a cost of less than $1,000 and I was quite offended at that valuation so what I did was I just decided to repair

The car and because I live in California I can choose any repair shop that I want at the end it really cost them over $5,000 to the car and really I would have taken much less than $5,000 for the damage but their initial offer was just way to lows so I’m guessing if I went with a better insurance company that probably give me a higher offer to not repair the car and just pay for the hit-and-run damage so that’s all my claim experience I did

Have utter accidents but I wasn’t at fault so I get to basically choose my repair shop and if it’s not your fault usually it’s pretty straightforward there’s nothing to complain about but once the insurance company have to pay for your damage that’s when you start to question different insurance company and their integrity or their willingness to cover for your damage so that’s it for this video to compare insurance rate quotes I hope this video will help you

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